“It’s been a crazy experience”, Matthew Read releases debut single Memories

Liverpool singer-songwriter Matthew Read has released his debut single, Memories, a gentle reflection that signifies a major breakthrough after what has been a less than straightforward year.

Time in and out of hospital might have stalled the release of this track, but it was never going to stop it completely.

There are many songs that stand as soundtracks, whether it be driving across Route 66 or doing the hoovering, these tunes can be enjoyed in conjunction with our lives – and there are some that need to be enjoyed with solitary focus.

Memories is one of those, and it can only be truly appreciated if the listener spends 4 and a half minutes listening to it alone. It’s at this point that the careful twangs of Read’s guitar and complimenting, warm vocals are energised and enter the listener into a relaxed and peaceful ambiance.

Each word sounds more personal than the last, and they strike the perfect balance of empathy, heartache and uplift. It’s a track that’s cut with honesty, and one that feels intently a representation of Matthew as a songwriter. Lewis spoke to him about the release:

So Matthew, your first release, it’s a step into the unknown for anyone, how was the recording experience?

Yeah it definitely is, it’s something I’ve been both nervous but excited about. It still feels surreal even at this stage, but it’s amazing and the help from my friends and family have made it more comforting even if it’s been a crazy, roller-coaster experience.

You’ve been working hard so it must feel great to finally get something tangible out there?

It’s the best feeling. As I say, all the sleepless nights, the worrying, and the self-doubting has made the release feel like such a weight has been lifted in a way, because of all of the hard work that was put in is finally paying off.

It feels like a really personal track, is that what you were going for?

Yeah, 100%. I think that was why I was so nervous to release the song. It’s essentially a true story I wrote back in 2016 to how I was feeling at the time, going through a tough period, so I was scared to reveal such a personal truth, but I think that’s what music should be about. Some people maybe even relate to it in some ways to their own personal experiences.

Well good on you for that, in terms of songwriting is it something that is pretty straightforward for you or does it take time?

Thanks man. With this song, yes – it came to me pretty much over a single night, apart from changing a few words and chords which I thought would fit better. It’s something I love to do, so even when it’s tough to try and get that perfect line or word, when it comes to you it feels amazing. If it takes weeks, it takes weeks, but it’s best to wait until you think it’s right.

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So, you’ll guess this next one, is there another track in the locker?

Well, it’s hard to hold back when it’s something you love to do, so basically, yep. I’ve got another two songs apart from Memories, which me and my producer are working on at the minute in the studio. These three songs, and another two, which I’m in the process of writing, will be part of a five song EP that I’ll be aiming to release this year. The date will be announced nearer the time but it is definitely happening!

That’s great news, keep me in the loop! What can we expect from the other tracks?

Course I will do! You can definitely expect some to be more upbeat, that’s for sure. I’m releasing a live acoustic version of the third song on the EP in a few months, which will be performed in the studio. Again, they’re both personal truths and songs that have allowed me to express tough and happy times over the past year in my life, which has mentally been the toughest and most exciting year I’ve had, so I’m really excited for everyone to hear them.

Nice one, exciting times for sure. Gigs then, any plans?

I’ve mainly been doing some open mic night’s, performing the song, nothing in terms of my own show, as of yet! Having to deal with being in hospital back in November really just made me want to release the song as quickly as possible, and now that’s done, I can think about gigs and performances now!

Onwards and upwards! All the best with the release then Matthew, TGF will be listening intently.

You can listen to Matthew Read’s new single Memories here:


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