The Bohos release new single Born Frustrated

Liverpool band The Bohos have released their new single Born Frustrated, the first single from them since signing to Anvil Records earlier this year.

The track is powerful in true Bohos fashion, psychedelic elements collide with the big guitar sounds and crashing drums we’ve heard from them before.

We’ve been promised a “whole new Bohos” from manager Dave Crane, who saw the signing to Anvil as a major step up in their development.

Born Frustrated does reflect that. The track has a clean finish, a tightness, and a maturity without losing the vibe that chaos will ensue when it is unleashed live.

They headline the city’s Studio 2 on Parr Street on April 7th, another local date for their loyal gang of fans that have seen venues such as EBGBs and O2 Academy pack out.

Before that O2 Academy gig, The Garage Flower spoke to The Bohos, you can read the interview here.

Listen to the new track here:


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