“It was always going to be about good times and it always will be” – an interview with Nic and Sean from Shit Indie Disco

Amongst the various events that go on in Liverpool, one stood out as growing from once every so often to a weekly shindig that is now one of the most popular student nights in the city. Shit Indie Disco was formed by twins Nic and Sean, and The Garage Flower caught up with them to discuss 2017 and what’s in store next…

So, lads, introduce yourself…

We’re Nic and Sean, we’re twins, which we assume most people know, but some people don’t think we look anything alike. Makes things easier when we disagree with each other on what songs to play next, to just be able to tell your brother to fuck off one minute then be mates again the next.

Shit Indie Disco first started in July 2016. We both grew up in Liverpool.

Liverpool is a hotbed of good music nights from gigs to residencies, when was it that you spotted there was room for Shit Indie Disco?

Going out during the mid-00s in Liverpool, there was always great gigs and venues that would be playing songs from bands like Arctic Monkeys, Bloc Party, The Killers, Kaiser Chiefs, Razorlight, MGMT, The Klaxons etc. Some of those bands went from strength to strength, some sort of faded away or just became really uncool to the point where you’d never hear the songs that at some point, we all danced and sang to (but no longer admitted to liking). So we made a playlist that we just kept adding to, and got really drunk one night in Berlin and spent the night dancing and singing to these songs. We’d seen things like the Indie Amnesty on Twitter and knew everyone had a slightly embarrassing indie past, but now it was time to embrace it once again. We didn’t want a pretentious indie night where everyone was trying to be cooler than everyone else, it was always going to be about good times (even now that’s all it will be). We messaged 24 Kitchen Street who kindly gave us a Friday night, and got all our mates together, as well as loads of strangers and had a big drunken indie party. We called it Shit Indie Disco because we had no idea what we were doing, and people couldn’t complain too much if the night or music was shit, haha! We then did a few more and it just went from strength to strength.

2017 has been a huge year for you guys, did you ever think it would go from the odd one-off night to a weekly thing at the Arts Club?

We really didn’t. It was originally just meant to be a one-off, but it’s been great being able to play songs to a wider audience, all of who have really bought into the idea of just coming along and having a great time with their mates. We still go by the idea that we’re only as good as the last Shit Indie Disco, which is why we try to have as much fun every single week. Arts Club have been great and really got behind the idea of a weekly night.

You’ve developed a bit of a brand scheme with your signage, I may or may not have come away from a Shit Indie Disco with some myself –  how does it feel when people are putting your artwork on their bedroom walls?

It seems pretty surreal when we see people putting our posters around their houses and rooms, it always makes us laugh though. The posters were based on some quick sketches because we couldn’t afford a proper graphic designer, but they seemed popular, so we stuck with them. It’s funny to see people with flags and posters of all sizes, especially when we’ve seen people with the big 60 x 40 posters in their room.

It’s not just posters either, we’ve had party hats and cardboard cutouts this year – do they ever survive the night and where do they end up?

Haha! The cardboard cutouts usually disappear into the crowd at some point. Sometimes we do get parts of the celebs back. I think we came home with Alexa Chung’s head and Morrissey‘s feet one time, but never in one piece. We’re all good with that though, it’s always great seeing Alex Turner out in the crowd getting passed around as one of his hits gets played.

The success of Labour’s election campaign made for a great night at Shit Indie Disco. Going back a few years it’s mad to think a politicians name would be being chanted in a nightclub – when is it Jeremy Corbyn’s turn to get behind the laptop?

We loved the Jeremy Corbyn night, one of the highlights of the past year. It was a long campaign and it was great to see so many young people getting involved with politics and making their voices heard. Although we obviously didn’t get to see Corybn in Number 10, the seats gained and the disappointment of Theresa May’s face, plus the fact that the Tories had to start listening to and moving some of their policies towards the left, was still a result.

We’d love to get JC behind the decks at some point. If he’s reading this, tell him to drop us an email. I’m not sure if he’ll play Seven Nation Army just because he’s pretty modest really, but you never know.

Indie classics make up a lot of your playlists, but you’re always keen to get new stuff involved. What’s been the best new album of this year?

I was made up that LCD Soundsystem‘s new album didn’t disappoint, and made their comeback well worthwhile. I’ve been a fan for years, so to get new stuff from them was a nice little treat and made getting a year older than bit easier to take.

Liam Gallagher seemed to smash it as well, Wall Of Glass was one of the most requested songs at Shit Indie Disco this year.

It was great to play Spinn at our end of year party, they’ve been coming to the night since the start, and they’ve had a successful year, so it was boss to play one of their songs.

And the best gig?

The Libertines at Prenton Park was a great gig
. The Libertines are one of the bands that we started Shit Indie Disco around, Pete Doherty‘s face was plastered all over our first posters. There was a lovely sunset and a really nice atmosphere around the crowd when they came on, everyone just happy to see such an iconic band on stage singing loads of their hits.

What’ve you got planned in the New Year?

2018 we’re back at Arts Club on Thursdays, hoping to start the year with an Oasis special, we’ve had a few Oasis specials before and they’re always loads of fun, and especially after re-watching Supersonic over Christmas, we don’t need an excuse to have a big singalong.

Aside from that, we’ll be making the rest of the year up as we go along.

Shit Indie Disco continues every Thursday night in Arts Club on Seel Street, their Oasis special is next up on January 25th, get your tickets here!


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