The Voidz set new album release date and share first single

According to a listing on Amazon Music, newly renamed band The Voidz (best known by their front-man Julian Casablancas) will release their sophomore album titled ‘Virtue’ on March 30th and have also released its first single ‘Leave It In My Dreams’.

Since changing name from ‘Julian Casablancas+The Voidz’ last year in an announcement video for their return, a second album following-up 2014’s ‘Tyranny’ has been in the works.

Despite The Strokes still remaining an entity, Casablancas’ focus in recent years has shifted to his politically-charged record label ‘Cult Records’ which he runs under RCA and band he describes as a group of musical “brothers”.

The experimental rock six-piece spoke of the album last year and described it as “slick” whilst on tour in South America playing most cuts set to be on 15-track long ‘Virtue’ live, such as ‘Wink’ on Brazilian television show ‘The Noite’.

As for now, the surprisingly soft single is now available to stream; just hours after fans noticed their name was officially finally changed on the likes of Spotify.

Later this year, The Voidz are set to play a number of festivals worldwide.

Track listing:

  1. Leave It In My Dreams
  2. Qyurryus
  3. Pyramid of Bones
  4. Permanent High School
  5. ALieNNatioN
  6. One of the Ones
  7. All Wordz Are Made Up
  8. Think Before You Drink
  9. Wink
  10. My Friend The Walls
  11. Pink Ocean
  12. Black Hole
  13. Lazy Boy
  14. We’re Where We Were
  15. Pointlessness

‘Virtue’ will be available March 30th on Cult Records.

Listen to ‘Leave It In My Dreams’ below.



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