Introducing: Bottle Note

The M8 connects Scotland’s two biggest cities. On one side is the country’s capital, a traditional city that is currently preparing to hold its world famous Hogmanay celebrations. On the other, Glasgow, defined often by an equally world famous football rivalry. But they both share what is currently an intense music scene, the creative industry heads in both cities are brimming with ideas and rising band Bottle Note are the product of both of these great towns. Formed of Ross Gordon (vocals, rhythm guitar) Joe McDonald (lead guitar) Jake Charleston (Drums) and Andrew Smith (Bass), the band started in late 2015, and I caught up with them to find out a bit more about them.

A tale of two cities, then? Where did it all start?

We all went to the same school in Edinburgh, although the band didn’t start until we had all left school. Joe and Andy now live in Glasgow so we are based 1/2 in Edinburgh and 1/2 in Glasgow.

So how does that work then? Does it make it hard to get together?

Yeah, this can be a bit of a hassle when coming to rehearsals and stuff but it’s definitely opened up more opportunities for gigs in both cities, so it’s worked well.

So where does your inspiration come from then?

The band has such a wide range of influences, Andy likes smooth blues and Jake likes heavy metal- but we’re all big fans of indie music. Our biggest influence when we started out was definitely Catfish and The Bottlemen but nowadays we no longer look at them as an influence, it’s about moving forward and looking for different inspiration. Recently we have been more influenced by bands such as DMAS and VANT.

And what about yourselves? What’ve you been up to?

The first thing we released was our single Callant along with its b-side 6AM which was met with great success. Having a properly produced single really opened up some doors for us. After that we released Homecoming which was met with even more success. We have just released our next single Amber earlier this month which so far has done really well.

Busy lads, tell us about your headline slot at King Tuts?

We have done a lot of gigs in our time around Edinburgh and Glasgow (and even one in London), but yeah our personal favourites are our headline King Tuts gig which was sold out – that was amazing, supporting VANT at The Electric Circus, and playing the 02 ABC Main Stage.

So what’s next for you then?

We’re hoping to release our next single before the end of the year then get started on recording the next few early 2018. Once that’s done we will take a few months out of gigging to write more. We are also hoping to gig more outside of Scotland in summer next year, we’ll see.

Where can we keep up with Bottle Note?

We’re on Facebook here, and on Twitter – @BottleNote1, check our Spotify out as well.

Thanks lads, here’s their new single Amber:


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