Fantasy Premier League Football GW12 Preview

The final International break of the year has now passed a huge chunk of Premier League action is coming our way for the next few months starting with GW12. That means the TGF Championship is about to get even tastier. It’s odd think that once this gameweek is over we will be a third of the way into the season. The biggest match of GW12 is surely the North London derby of Arsenal vs. Tottenham.

There’s less and less movement in the TGF Championship with each passing gameweek. Still on top in 1st place is Arun Kumar’s ‘Speedsters FC’ with a whopping 639 points. Now closely behind in 2nd place is the ever-improving Harry Ewbank’s ‘Ewberz Army’ with 625 points. That leaves it tight from there down with Amanina Sabki’s ‘Duhai Bonda Ayahanda’ in 3rd place with 615 points and in 4th place Nathan Ridley’s ‘Borussia Teeth’ with 612 points. Following them in 5th place is Jack Egan’s ‘Game of Throw Ins’ with 608 points. Then in 6th place Hamanth Sai’s ‘Draw Trafford’ with 604 points and in 7th place is Ken Mulandi’s ‘Bagbee Broncos’ with 602 points. At the bottom there’s again no change as in 35th place it’s Liam Dawson’s ‘Balotellitubies’ with 422 points and in 34th place it’s Adam Chambers’ ‘Gatos Ball Bag’ with 471 points. Last gameweek’s highest scorer was Ben Wereszczynski’s ‘Gylfi Pleasures’ with an incredible 81 points that managed to crush other impressive scores.

Now it’s time for this week’s Ins and Outs…

IN: César Azpilicueta (£6.8m) CHE (Defender)

A highly consistent performing since his arrival to the Premier League, the Chelsea man has shown his qualities at both ends on the pitch this season; as he harbours 68 points to his name so far. The system employed by his solid team gives the Spaniard (a nation that was been highly productive this season for his side) a platform to advance and therefore help his rack up a decent assist tally. A high price at £6.8m, yes, but a guaranteed output whether it be going forward or back is imperative and often staying available for long periods, Azpilicueta is a reliable man.

OUT: Mousa Dembélé (£4.9m) TOT (Midfielder)
A consistently underrated Premier League player, Dembélé hasn’t quite gotten off to the best start this season. Not playing as regularly as last season and in a less effective role, the low 10 points he has gained show it. As Tottenham Hotspur aim to challenge for the title, the £4.9m he has to his name may be utilised better for another midfielder.

IN: Oumar Niasse (£4.9m) EVE (Forward)
Who would have thought that the forgotten man at Everton would come to his side’s aid in their darkest hour of the Premier League this season? Not many. Now that his time has come to get minutes, Niasse has been thriving when his teammates most need him to flourish. A tally of 29 points doesn’t seem so much but for just £4.9m, the Senegalese striker might be a real coup in such a difficult time of the season.

OUT: Danilo (£5.1m) MCI (Defender)
Despite 24 points in this campaign, the former Real Madrid versatile defender is yet to fully break into Manchester City’s domainant team. He is ousted by other competition in his position in terms of playing time and hasn’t featured for a considerable time. As tough opponents come in the for Brazilian and his teammates in the coming weeks, his £5.1m price tag may be better used elsewhere.

IN: Pascal Groß (£5.9m) BHA (Midfielder)
Mentioned in our first ever picks, the Brighton & Hove Albion play-maker has consistently impressed over the course of the season, with 58 points already. His side have done decently since coming into the Premier League and thus give Groß a backing to push on whilst continuing to strive. Now that price a fluctuating each gameweek for big players, this man needs to be snapped up soon for just £5.9m – a bargain in terms of output.

OUT: Javier Hernández (£6.9m) WHU (Forward)
With the appointment of David Moyes at West Ham United coming as a shock to many in the footballing world, there may be no player in the squad he has inherited more disappointed than Chicharito. The frustration he faced in his last stint with the manager could be emulated if things don’t improve. The forward hasn’t totally hit the ground running and still carries a niggling injury that may still rule him out this gameweek. With in-form forwards in abundance at this point, £6.9m may be better in the bank for another one.

And as always – good luck!


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