TGF Fantasy Premier League Football – G11 Preview

It’s the last time until next year that we have to anticipate an International break after a gameweek, but that doesn’t mean there’s no time to fully engage in GW11. We’re into the winter months so expect hats, gloves and big coats to come out whether it be on the pitch, on the sidelines and in the stands. TGF’s league is still hotting up though; awaiting another gameweek that may be as crazy as the last. This week’s standout match is a tough one to call but edging out Manchester City vs. Arsenal, it has to be Chelsea vs. Manchester United.

There wasn’t as much a shake-up last gameweek as the previous one, but there’s always drama in the TGF Championship. Still in the lead at the top are Arun Kumar’s ‘Speedsters FC’ sitting in 1st place with a huge 591 points. From then down it’s very tight, as Amanina Sabki’s ‘Dubai Bonda Ayahanda’ sitting in 2nd place with, Nathan Ridley’s ‘Borussia Teeth’ and Harry Ewbank’s ‘Ewberz Army’ both have 377 points sitting in 3rd & 4th place respectively. Vying for the higher spots, Jack Egan’s ‘Game of Throw Ins’ sit in 5th place with 568, Hemanth Sai’s ‘Draw Trafford’ sit in 6th place with 556 points, and Ken Mulandi’s ‘Bagbee Broncos’ sit in 7th place with 553 points. At the depths of the league, Liam Dawson’s ‘Balotellitubbies’ still sit in 35th place with 392 points and Adam Chambers’ ‘Gatos Ball Bag’ still sit in 34th place with 437 points. The highest gameweek scorer last time out was Jack Egan’s ‘Game of Throw Ins’ with 77 points, sitting in 5th place.

Now it’s time for this week’s in’s and out’s.


IN: Leroy Sané (MCI) £8.7m (Midfielder)
Whilst Manchester City are enjoying their time dominating the league and scoring goals for fun, but Leroy Sané has come into his own on the win for Pep Guardiola’s side. Racking up goals & assists each match, the youngster is lighting up the Premier League which is backed up by the fact he is the highest points scoring FPL midfielder yet. Despite a tough fixture this gameweek (Arsenal at home), there’s a huge chance to prove his quality once again and for £8.7m, he’ll soon be more expensive.

OUT: Ashley Williams (EVE) £5.2m (Defender)
Despite his heroics for his Welsh national team and former club, Ashley Williams has not yet managed to match his passion with his quality. His side Everton are truly under pressure this season with a poor back line. Therefore, £5.2m is a lot to risk with such an out of form side who face Watford at home this gameweek. It’s best to ship him out.

IN: Harry Kane (TOT) £12.6m (Forward)
If there was a man who could be considered the absolute linchpin of a team, it’s Harry Kane for Tottenham Hotspur. Coming back into the side, his teammates were helped by him to record a historic midweek win in the Champions League at Wembley. He should be back to scoring after his injury, and with pretty straightforward fixtures on paper (including Crystal Palace at home this gameweek in which he could smash in some more goals) for the most part, the Englishman’s hefty £12.6m cost is surely worth it.

OUT: Kelechi Iheanacho (LEI) £6.6m (Forward)
Since the arrival of the Nigerian to Leicester City, Kelechi Iheanacho hasn’t been able to progress in his new side. The form of his teammates and injuries have hampered the man who undoubtedly has a high ceiling. Not in favour and playing away to Stoke City this gameweek won’t help him in FPL short-term, as he has a £6.6m price that can used elsewhere.

IN: Harry Maguire (LEI) £5.1m (Defender)
The former champions are now come more getting used to a new manager. Since Claude Puel has come in, they managed to gain a comfortably win last gameweek. One man who has impressed ever since his move to Leicester City is Harry Maguire. The England defender is now thoroughly a part of his side and has picked up a plethora of FPL points. For just £5.1m and playing away to Stoke City who are themselves struggling, this could be a niche addition to any team.

OUT: David Luiz (CHE) £5.9m (Defender)
This time last year, the return of David Luiz to Chelsea was being hailed by all. However, this campaign has seen their defence struggle and in midweek in the Champions League, it was evident they aren’t anything at all near their solidity which currently has them as holders of the title. A big match against the dangerous Manchester United at home this gameweek could well be too much for the erratic man who’s £5.9m price tag may be used better elsewhere.


GW11 Fixtures (3pm unless stated)

Stoke City vs. Leicester City (12:30) – Sky Sports Main Event
Huddersfield Town vs. West Bromwich Albion
Newcastle United vs. Bournemouth
Southampton vs. Burnley
Swansea vs. Brighton & Hove Albion
West Ham United vs. Liverpool (17:30) – BT Sport 1

Tottenham Hotspur vs. Crystal Palace (12:00) – BT Sports 1
Manchester City vs. Arsenal (14:15) – Sky Sports Main Event
Chelsea vs. Manchester United (16:30) – Sky Sports Main Event
Everton vs. Watford (16:30)


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