Album Review: Trampolene “From Swansea To Hornsey”

Swansea lads Trampolene have been making noise for a few years now, their 6 song EP was released in 2014. It was on 27th October that they unleashed their debut album, ‘From Swansea To Hornsey’.

They’re no unknown collective, and they’ve been out on tour as a band and frontman Jack Jones has been out with The Libertines as their in-house poet. Opening track ‘Artwork of Youth’ is a fine example of him as a wordsmith, painting the picture of a Welsh high school and dishing the dirt on a number of ‘firsts’, some complimentary and others yet so. It ends with his own first, “and thank fuck for that.” It paints that picture of adolescence and gives the album a gritty, working-class kickstart.

Spoken word track ‘Ketamine’ is no promotion, but a voice of honesty and perhaps an outlet for what unravels as an interesting minute and a half piece. “I scream, you scream, we all scream for…” When following track ‘You Do Nothing For Me’ explodes into tales of a waster and aggressive removal of an unattractive character, the versatility of Trampolene is asserted.

At 14 songs long, the LP shows they have plenty to give, and it is relentless in its mission in gift strong vocals that lead powerful guitar riffs. You can’t help compare them to Manchester’s rowdy lot Cabbage, in part, but they also have likenesses to the big guitar sounds of Hello Operator and others in the This Feeling melting pot.

‘The Boy That Life Forgot’ brings piano keys into play with short slashes of guitar to split up what sounds epitomises a brilliant live tune. The juxtaposing ‘Beautiful Pain’ is the story of addiction and follows a similar vibe. Before coupling the track up with an earlier one, its a compelling listen with thoughts of addiction to something else, perhaps someone else.

The penultimate track, ‘Storm Heaven’ is, to add my own juxtaposition, superb chaos. It’s stage invasion, crowd invasion stuff and may take inspiration from a Led Zep’ classic. The album concludes with ‘Pound Land’, a tongue in cheek walk around the budge high street outlet, and a tale of romance. ‘Britain’s last paradise’, it is a lyrical gem and a great end to their debut.

Trampolene will support Liam Gallagher on his five arena show tour in December after their own UK tour which started with a Grenfell Tower Benefit gig in Tunbridge Wells and finishes at Sheffield’s Leadmill as part of Musicians Against Homelessness.



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