TGF Premier League Fantasy Football – GW10 Preview

Now into double figures in terms of gameweeks in FPL and heading into the winter period, things are hotting up; much like the colour of the match ball from this weekend forwards. TGF’s league seems tighter every gameweek and with a round of Carabao Cup fixtures just passed, teams are eager for domestic action with some big fixtures around the corner. The stand-out fixture this gameweek is surely Manchester United vs. Tottenham.

There was a slight shake-up at the top of the TGF Championship in spite of the fact Arun Kumar’s ‘Speedsters FC’ still sit in 1st place with 548 points. The contenders for the top had a big shuffle as Nathan Ridley’s ‘Borussia Teeth’ sit in 2nd place with 531 points, Harry Ewbank’s ‘Ewberz Army’ sit in 3rd place with 520 points, Amanina Sabki’s ‘Dubai Bonda Ayahanda’ sit in 4th place with 519 points, Ken Mulandi’s ‘Babgee Broncos’ sit in 5th place with 515 points. At the depths of the league, Liam Dawson’s ‘Balotellitubies’ still sit in 35th place with 348 points behind Adam’s Chambers’ ‘Gatos Ball Bag’ sitting in 34th place with 397 points. The best gameweek scorer last time out were Tom Newton’s ‘Sharp as Blades’ with 83 points, sitting in 18th place.

Now it’s time for this week’s in’s and out’s…

IN: Wayne Rooney (EVE) £7.3m (Forward)
In spite of Everton’s torrid time this campaign and the departure of their manager, the returning Rooney has shone. Goals & assists have come into the forward’s game, showing class at times like last gameweek. With some fairly decent fixtures ahead, £7.3m is a good price when the usual scoring forwards are all struggling right now.

OUT: Henrik Mkhitaryan (MUN) £8.3m (Midfielder)
A sensational opening period for Mkhitaryan & United saw the man come into dominance in FPL teams. However, he’s found it hard lately. Many fellow midfielders in form, it could be time to get £8.3m for him before his already lowering yet still high price drops.

IN: Nick Pope (BUR) £4.5m (Goalkeeper)
Coming in for the injured number 1 at Burnley, Pope has racked up points already. With faith in him clearly from his manager and favourable fixtures ahead, he’d be a nice addition in a niche market. Cheap as they come for current playing goalkeepers, £4.5m is a true bargain.

OUT: Jermaine Defoe (BOU) £7.7m (Forward)
He may be come of the most prolific Premier League strikers ever, but right now Defoe isn’t having a great time back at Bournemouth. Tricky fixtures are ahead for his team and a slight injury hampering him, it could be time to replace him. His price of £7.7m is enough to get another decent forward in.

IN: Richarlison (WAT) £6.3m (Midfielder)
Some what of a superstar in Watford’s side this season, the wide-man is grabbing eyes on him and most of all points. His side are doing well this campaign under new management and he is integral. With goals & assists despite being a midfielder, £6.3m seems a fantastic price.

OUT: Jonny Evans (WBA) £4.9m (Defender)
Even if his team are most often considered to be a very good defensive outfit, that expected form hasn’t quite been culminated this campaign. Very dangerous fixtures are ahead and with more options available for defenders, it could be the right moment to ship the West Brom man out. Carrying a knock, £4.9m is a good amount to get in for someone else.


GW10 Fixtures

Manchester United vs. Tottenham (12:30pm) – Sky Sports Main Event
Arsenal vs. Swansea (3pm)
Crystal Palace vs. West Ham United (3pm)
Liverpool vs. Huddersfield Town (3pm)
Watford vs. Stoke City (3pm)
West Bromwich Albion (3pm)
Bournemouth vs. Chelsea (5:30pm) – BT Sports 1

Brighton & Hove Albion vs. Southampton (1:30pm) – Sky Sports Main Event
Leicester City vs. Everton (4pm) – Sky Sports Main Event

Burnley vs. Newcastle (8pm) – Sky Sports Main Event


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