TGF Fantasy Premier League Football – GW9 Preview

We’re now nearing the double-figure gameweek mark in TGF’s FPL. Like
any gameweek, there has been movement at the top that shows the
league’s competitiveness. Although, Arun Kumar’s ‘Speedsters FC’ still
sit in 1st place with 483 points despite a fairly average gameweek
score. Hemanth Sai’s ‘Draw Trafford’ are now in 2nd place with 474
points, above Nathan Ridley’s ‘Borussia Teeth’ who are now in 3rd
place with 470 points. Jack Cousin’s ‘Carlisle’s Reserves’ are hot on
all their heels with 468 points in 4th place aiming to break up that
trio that has been intact over the last few gameweek. Liam Dawson’s
‘Balotellitubbies’ are still in 35th place with 306 points; leaving a
gap to Adam Chambers’ ‘Gatos Ball Bag’ in 34th place with 346 points.

Now onto this gameweek, the highlight match of the week is contentious
with both Everton vs. Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur vs. Liverpool
being eye-catching fixtures. However, it’s an early gameweek opening
this weekend with a Friday night match meaning a 7pm deadline is in

Now it’s time for this week’s In’s & Out’s.

IN: Eden Hazard (CHE) – £10.6m
Following a successful season last time out, Hazard has struggled to
get going this season. In midweek, the Belgium grabbed a double and
showed that his injury troubles are behind him & that he is back to
his best. The forward and has a level 2 match this week, at home to
Watford, and has a decent opportunity to start some good form before
tougher fixture coming as Chelsea aim to bounce back after defeat last

OUT: Granit Xhaka (ARS) – £5.5m
The midfielder ‘efforts’ went around the internet fast last gameweek
as he embarrassingly didn’t mark his man the goal that lost his side
the match. In midweek he was dropped from the squad and with Arsenal’s
tricky match this weekend being level 3 away at Everton & impressive
midweek display, he could be out again. Still at a fairly decent
price, Xhaka may seem like a man to keep in your squad but he has
struggled to rediscover his early season form.

IN: Nicolás Otamendi (MCI) – £5.8m
It was a tough start to his Manchester City career for the Argentine;
but since his side’s true resurgence this season, he has proved his
worth. The defence is often considered a weak part of Pep Guardiola’s
team at the moment but they have shown quality thus far. Otamendi
currently sits at a good price to pick up and with a level 2 fixture
at home to Burnley this gameweek, it may be time to jump on the
bandwagon that FPL players are slowly joining.

OUT: Eric Bailly (MNU) – £6.2m
As one of the highest scoring defenders in FPL up to this point and
Manchester United side being strong at the back, he seems a worthwhile
man to have in your team. On the contrary, Bailly could still be out
injured this gameweek for the level 2 fixture away to Huddersfield
before tough matches. There’s more reliable men to get in for the near
future that would be available at a cheaper price.

IN: Kevin De Bruyne (MCI) – £10m
Lorded as a one of the league’s best players last gameweek, De Bruyne
has yet another chance to show off his pure magic with that level 2
fixture at home to Burnley. The Belgium wizard has goals & assists in
abundance so far and they could be added to after this gameweek. His
price could well escalate very soon so get this man in before he’s the
Manchester City player every FPL player is after.

OUT: Ben Davies (TOT) – £5.9m
Illness may well keep Davies out this weekend in his level 4 fixture
at home to Liverpool. With his fellow flying full-back Danny Rose
returning from injury soon, there’s cause for concern in terms of
having Welshman in your team. His price will enable you to get in
another point-proven defender so it’s time to ship him out.


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