QTY announce debut album & tour dates

New York band QTY have today announced their self-titled debut album and a number of US tour dates. This comes after the success of previously released songs such as ‘Dress/Undress’ and ‘Rodeo’.

The duo, comprising of Dan Lardner and Alex Miemetz, released an image on social media to confirm the release. Mietmetz wrote “The album is the culmination of our friendship, the rotating cast of characters that pop in and out of our lives, and the daily struggle to achieve a level of optimism amidst flash floods of doom and gloom.”

The album will contain the two aforementioned tracks as well as ‘Michael’, which was released today. The track listing is as follows.

  1. Dress/Undress
  2. Rodeo
  3. Michael
  4. Cold Nights
  5. Words For This
  6. Living Things
  7. Notify Me
  8. Sad Poetic
  9. New Beginnings
  10. Salvation

Following the announcement, QTY also released additional tour dates. The band are set to play all across the United States in October, November and December.

‘QTY’ will be released Friday November 3rd via Dirty Hit.



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