Introducing: Beija Flo

Harlow born artist Beija Flo (pronounced “Beige-ah flow”) is currently based in Liverpool after completing her final year of studies at the Paul McCartney University ‘LIPA’. After spending years developing her music and collaborating with a host of underground artists and producers including Broom of the System and ADAM D., her self-described “Doomed Pop/Sadcore” sound is often compared to the likes of ‘Goldfrapp’ and ‘Bat For Lashes’. This can no doubt be heard in her upcoming debut single “One Of Those Things”, set for release on the 1st September.

Managing to capture both a soft yet aggressively distraught feeling; incorporating synths and atmospheric reverb to a mellow piano progression, ‘One Of Those Things’ describes her experience with the condition ‘MRKH Syndrome’: a rare condition documented in her vlogs that affects 1 in 5,000 women in which a girl is born without a womb and must undertake “Dilation Treatment” to artificially create a vagina.

“It’s [One Of Those Things] about the sad side of sex, medically and emotionally from the female perspective” she describes. And with its distinctively emotive and evocative vocals, the single screams out as a battle cry against the taboo of female sexuality, championing “the vagina and everything wrong with it”. Beija Flo’s captivating and powerful vocals recently turned heads at her age restricted 16+ set at the “2ube Xtra festival” ahead of the single’s release which you can check-out here…


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