Does the world need another Morrissey album?

He’s gone from Mancunian Smiths legend to irritating Brexit commentator sliding into irrelevance. Ahead of his new album, is it fair to say The World Won’t Listen?

Yep, Moz is at it again with a new album, launched with admittedly stylish guerilla marketing in L.A. this week which hinted at a date at the Hollywood Bowl.

‘Low in High-School’, the singer’s 11th solo studio album, will be released on his own label on 17 November. 

Following the release of his previous album, ‘World Peace is None of Your Buisness‘ in 2014, I wrote that…

“maybe I fall guilty to expecting the same genius as in the earlier years.”

The Morrissey of 2017 is hardly the lovable character of the 80s, there’s no hiding from that, and his last few albums, bar a couple of tracks, were laboured. I, personally, can’t bring myself to anticipate another album from him. Fans though, summed up perfectly by @BeardedGenius on Twitter, can’t resist it…

But outside of the Morrisphere, does anybody really want it? Let us know on our Twitter poll here:


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