Listen: Liam Gallagher releases ‘For What It’s Worth’

Liam Gallagher has released the latest single for his upcoming album ‘As You Were’. ‘For What It’s Worth’ was released this morning and is a slow track, similar to previously released ‘Chinatown‘.

Speaking to Noisey, LG said about the track, “Obviously I’ve made a lot of mistakes. That’s life. I guess [the track] is an apology to whoever. I’ve pissed a lot of people off. But I’m certainly not gonna write a song for each and every one of them. There’s one there. Fuckin’ deal with it and move on.”

Of course, like any Liam Gallagher song recently, fans will have the Oasis split with brother Noel in mind. The lyrics in ‘For What It’s Worth’ could easily be applied accordingly.

The song itself casts shades of ‘Dig Out Your Soul’, Oasis’ final album. Earlier this week, Liam released a short a cappella version of the song on Twitter.

Last week, Gallagher walked off stage during a set in Chicago at Lollapalooza due to strain on his voice from a show the previous night.

Listen to ‘For What It’s Worth’ on Spotify here.


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