Album Review: The Cribs ’24-7 Rock Star Shit’

The Cribs are back and as good as ever with a new album, ’24-7 Rock Star Shit’. It is their first release since 2015’s ‘For All My Sisters’ and it is heavy, raw and bursting with energy.

The 10-track LP is released tomorrow and features singles ‘Year of Hate’, ‘In Your Palace’ and ‘Rainbow Ridge’. The first of those singles features as the second track, it is Ryan, Gary and Ross at their stripped-back best. Although they have produced more polished albums than this, ‘Year of Hate’ is an early indication that early Cribs fans will love this record.

The band said this prior to the release of ’24-7 Rock Star Shit’:

“Recorded by Steve Albini [Nirvana/Pixies], it’s a return to our roots and the raw approach we took on our first two records in 2004 and 2005. It just felt like it was time to get back to that and re-capture the immediacy and excitement of our live shows, y’know? So we just booked into the studio for five days and left with an album that is probably the most in-your-face, honest and real record we have ever made.”

Albini’s influence is clear on ‘What Have You Done For Me’ and they are a perfect fit. The album being recorded in just 5 days has meant they have retained that lo-fi demo feel that has made the band so engaging.

It isn’t all crashing punk rock though, turn the record over and you’ll find ‘Sticks Not Twigs’, a slight and soft track that will be a real treat at their acoustic shows to celebrate the release of this album, gigs that are a rarity for The Cribs. In fact, the track will rival ‘Shoot The Poets’ from 2007’s ‘Men’s Needs, Women’s Needs, Whatever’, the album that was celebrated with 10th anniversary gigs earlier this year. Perhaps the idea of trying to imitate that album and those around it was pondered, it is of great benefit that they decided instead to go back to their roots.

The album is ramped back up, though, with single ‘Rainbow Ridge’ and ‘Partisan’, The Cribs’ recent documentary with Vevo (watch here) explores the on-stage chaos of a live Cribs performance, injuries and so on, these are two songs that will encourage that craziness again and again.

’24-7 Rock Star Shit’ explores the versatility of the Wakefield band, too, and ‘Dead at The Wheel’ is another slow tune that has a hazy and dreamy effect. When it fades out, ‘Broken Arrow’, the final track, comes in. This song, more than any on the album, comes right out of those early-2000’s ideas, it is a brilliant final track on an album that has thrown a Cribs fan back to the beginning, but with touches of things we’ve been treated to over the years, too.

’24-7 Rock Star Shit’ is out tomorrow (August 11th).


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