Introducing: DENIO

Liverpool’s indie rock quartet DENIO return with ‘Golden’, released on August 21st.

Although only forming November 2016, DENIO have gained support from the likes of BBC Merseyside,  GetIntoThis and BBC Lancashire.

Consisting of vocalist Mike Davis, drummer Bill Caple, lead guitarist Andres Hernandez and keyboard player Daniel Hernandez, DENIO have returned with their indie anthem ‘Golden’, after premiering their debut single ‘Models’ at The Shipping Forecast to a filled room and then releasing ‘Cait’ to their dedicated fans.

The boys have been compared to the likes of the early Talking Heads, Foals and Arcade Fire, with their last single ‘Cait’ described as “a clanging post-punk study in a sterilised test tube where Foals are shaken up with The Cure’s DNA” (GetIntoThis).

Recording ‘Golden’ in Whitewood Studios in early July, DENIO worked alongside The Wombats’ producer Robert Whiteley collaborating their visions to achieve a sound that no longer merely belongs in the backrooms of their homes. ‘Golden’ is a quick and punchy track and strikes a similar guitar sound to that of Miles Kane. It is energetic and youthful throughout, and very catchy.

DENIO will be releasing ‘Golden’ August 21st, debuting the track at The Magnet, LiverpoolAugust 11th.

Keep up with DENIO on these channels:

Facebook: Denio Band

Twitter: @DenioBand

YouTube: Denio Band

Instagram: @DenioBand


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