Interview: The Bohos

The Bohos dressing room is a lively place to be, and as Finn Power (vocals/guitar), Jack Danily (drums) and Ian Grant (bass) conspire as to where Elliot Gill (lead guitar/backing vocals) might have got to, I’m offered a beer. They’ve each looked at the set list numerous times, probably more in excitement than anything. Elliot returns, and I ask them how they’re feeling ahead of their sold out headline show.

Fin: Very, very excited, mate. Can’t wait.

Jack: It’s gonna be sick.

They’ve played this venue, Liverpool’s O2 Academy, twice this year. They supported DMA’s and The Night Cafe, but this time it’s their own show, and they’ve had a unique idea to sell their tickets.

Fin: They were two of the best nights, we loved them. The ticket meet-ups were the manager’s idea to be honest. It’s good cos people like to come and meet us and buy tickets at the same time.

Elliot: [laughing] Yeah, people get to meet the band before we get to that, like, ‘Hollywood’ stage and have to get bodyguards and that.

Jack: It’s not even that though, like some people you don’t see that much so it’s good to catch up.

Fin: And some people that follow us, they’re quite young so they don’t have cars or anything so it’s the best way really.

The band are young lads, they’re fresh-faced and eager to get on stage. Some people have been surprised at their maturity, though. I’m interested as to whether that’s something they agree with and welcome. They all laugh.

Jack: I wouldn’t say that! Well, we’re mature but immature.

Elliot: Individually we’re all quite immature except for maybe Ian, and Dave, our manager.

Ian: The direction of the band is mature, we all know what we’re doing band-wise but outside the band yeah, we’re young.

Fin: It’s a great compliment, though, obviously.

Elliot: A few months ago we were just a bunch of kids who didn’t really know what they were doing.

Jack: Yeah we’ve had to adapt really, it’s not all fun and games. But there’s always time to ourselves loose.

Elliot: I feel like that’s what we do on stage. We’ve got our heads on about all the business stuff and that, but on stage is where we can really enjoy it. But we’re pretty serious about what we do.

It’s clear they’re aware of how it can go for The Bohos from here; they’re at a point where they can be one of a number of bands that have fallen by the wayside in the face of adulthood. But they sound as if they know what it takes to become a professional outfit.

Elliot: I’m pretty blasé about it, but we’re really focussed because at the end of the day we want this to be a thing.

Jack: Full time!

Elliot: That’s the dream; it’s the best thing ever to be paid for doing what you’d do for free anyways. For doing something you love, that’s the art of it, I guess.

In tonight’s crowd there’ll be plenty of first-timers, so what can you expect?

Fin: Madness, utter madness.

Jack: Yeah, a diverse sound and set.

Ian: A good show.

Elliot: Good set of tunes, and a good atmosphere, especially if tonight’s anything to go by. Not completely polished, not too pop.

Jack: It’s its own thing really, whatever sounds good, it gets played. Doesn’t matter what genre it is.

They’ve been sound checking this afternoon; that probably explains the confident buzz around backstage.

Jack: Oh you’ll decide for yourself! I’m not gonna put words in your mouth…

Fair enough! In terms of recordings, they’ve a couple of singles out already, so when can we expect an EP?

Fin: Not for a while, not for a long while.

Elliot: Maybe one or two more singles.

Fin: We’re looking at an EP late 2018 maybe early 2019.

Jack: Yeah, thing is, you’ve gotta have a big fanbase if you want to make a release a success. We could waste the opportunity, see if we released one now it could reach half the amount of people it could maybe next year, you’ve gotta play strategically.

Fin: There’s bands that release albums straight away and it’s like, “nobody knows who you are!”

Elliot: You need to get the groundwork in, and play more shows to be able to afford to actually record it. The dough, The Bo-dough.

Being the age these lads are, you wonder what else is going on in their lives while the band is happening.

Elliot: I’ve just finished college, I’m probably gonna go back to college.

Fin: I literally just do music, like I don’t know what else to do.

Elliot: Yeah, I don’t really have any hobbies.

Fin: Ian picks up pennies.

Ian: Yeah [he sighs], it’s good fun. I don’t really…

Elliot: Yeah, we’re just being broke at the moment.

Jack: Not even just that though, avoiding three grids and playing the drums.

They seem keen on superstition, perhaps that’s the key to their early successes. I sense an anecdote coming…

Elliot: They [Jack and Finn] don’t like stepping on three grids.

Jack: We’re dead superstitious me and Finn.

Fin: Well, I wasn’t but he made me superstitious!

Jack: We were once walking home from town, and there were two big boulder rocks, like size of your, I don’t know, torso. And like, we carried them all the way down this long road. We told ourselves that they were there for a reason, like, there’s no way there was gonna be two rocks and two people on the same path at 1 o’clock in the morning. So, we just carried them home, cos if we put them down it was bad luck.

Fin: [gestures] It was like that big!

Ian: I spend my free time looking for three grids to step on, just to do their heads in.

Elliot: It’s a very polarising topic; we’ve almost split up over it a few times.

So, albeit a few years early, I seem to have found out the reason behind their eventual split.

Ian: That’ll be the reason, basically, yeah.

Jack: So that’s why you don’t stand on three grids.

Fin: Ian stands on them just to piss me off.

Ian: I was just saying there, that’s what I do with my free time.

Dates-wise, then, what’s next?

Ian: Yeah, planning a tour for September.

Elliot: Trying to get outside of Liverpool, mainly support slots. We’d probably like to go to Europe to be honest.

Jack: We did have an Ireland opportunity but we didn’t have enough money.

Eliot: We’ve actually got fans in Brazil, because of the internet basically, so we’ve got a small cult following there. We’d love to pay them a visit one day. I’d love to go to the States, that’s where I’d love to go.

As I’m leaving all 4 members of the band and their team are running round putting the final touches to their preparation. It is still a few hours until they kick off, but they’d probably do the set three times over if you asked them. You can read how the show went here.


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