Live Review: The Bohos (Liverpool O2 Academy)

After supporting DMA’s and The Night Cafe on recent tours, it was time for The Bohos to take to the Liverpool O2 Academy stage at their own show. A sellout, the gig is a major checkpoint in their progress as a band, supporting slots have seen them mature, their music become focussed and their sound channelled.

They’re young lads, there’s no getting away from it, but frontman Finn Power and lead guitarist Elliot Gill speak and perform like they’ve been doing these shows for years. There’s firepower from Jack Danily on the drums, the single ‘Elliot’s Song’ shows that alright. It comes third in, and it’s a hit with a local crowd that will be aching for this band to keep on improving.

They’re enthused by Power, the son of Cast’s John, demanding carnage in the front of the crowd. The crowd delivers for ‘Ketamine’ and ‘Gaff Master’, they’re Scousers of course.

When all others around him are losing their heads, Ian Grant plays bass cool, calm and collected to the right of the stage. He’s a quiet worker, but he comes into his own in during final song ‘Monday Morning’, he is vital to their sound.

It was supposed to be the last song, but it is the crowds turn now to demand and they want ‘Paranoid Dream’. It’s one from the early days, or at least the earlier days of their 2 years as a band. They leave the stage having done themselves justice, there is more to come than a 12-song set, and more to come than 2 singles. Look forward to it.


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