Album Review: Haim “Something To Tell You”

Danielle, Este and Alana are a popular trio of sisters right now. The Californian outfit have today released their second album, ‘Something To Tell You’.

Opener ‘Want You Back’ is a nod to classic Haim, and second tune ‘Nothing’s Wrong’ really reveals the band’s relationship with Stevie Nicks. 80s Fleetwood Mac vibes seep out if it, with their own twist.

It is believed Nicks had a lot to play in the development of Haim, tales of tips to poeticise their day in diaries may explain the romantic themes that dominate this album. Perhaps some of those anecdotes will be shown in their documentary about the album, due to be released next Friday and available on Apple Music.

Second single, ‘Little Of Your Love’ has that unique style, and impressive guitar is its highlight. It’s bold. But is the transformation of “gimme all your love” from ‘Days Are Gone’s, ‘Don’t Save Me’, to ‘Little Of Your Love’ a representation of their downgrading?

‘Ready For You’ is a stumbling block in the flow of the album. It’s an MTV-pleaser, two-thirds in it has an odd section where the song almost stops. It’s quite uncomfortable to listen to, before it returns to its jangled end. From there, a first listener begins to expose the over production of this album. A second listen confirmed this, the nataural harmony the trio presented in their debut has been sweetened to obscurity.

‘Found It In Silence’ is respite from the above, it’s a bit more assertive, a bit more aggressive. But drummer Dash Hutton is still holding back. The less said about ‘Walking Back’, the better. It’s a dull effort that sounds like Destiny’s Child’s return, minus Beyoncé.

It it devoid of the assertion that debut album managed so well. Full of power, style, and not over-complex or over-produced. ‘Little of Your Love’ is a highlight, but the rest of their second album falls short. 

Perhaps their live performance will make up for it, they play a sold out (in seconds) Electric Ballroom on Sunday before Reading and Leeds in August.


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