What next for The Stone Roses?

Ian, John, Mani and Reni may have taken their final bow on Saturday at Hampden Park. After their third coming, what lies ahead for the 4 lads from Manchester?

Ian is perhaps the most likely to continue making music, following The Stone Roses split in 1994, Brown layed low before releasing 6 studio albums between 1998 and 2009. But is there some more Unfinished Monkey Buisness for Brownie? Many would welcome music with Aziz Ibrahim, the guitarist who accompanied him first time round.

Liam Gallagher’s solo career has began in typically firey fashion, his album is set to be released on October 6th and a set over the weekend at Glastonbury shunned many critics. There are lots of fans that would be similarly sceptical about Brown going solo (again), but perhaps LG’s return should serve as a lesson to stay open-minded and open-eared.

For John Squire, the end of The Roses first time round sparked a career as an artist. Residing in a studio much quieter than where he played his guitar, Squire compiled collections in the style of Jackson Pollock and eventually held exhibitions in London and Manchester. He did make music with The Seahorses though, a short venture that lasted just the one album. Following this breakup, Squire is likely to return to artwork, a return to music would certainly be an abstract ideal.

Gary Mounfield left the stage at Hampden Park in tears, he has always been incredibly emotional and a heart-on-sleeve musician. His stint with Saturday’s support band, Primal Scream, was interrupted by The Roses’ reunion in 2011; “you can’t ride two bikes with one arse”, he famously said. 

He often joined Brown on stage during his solo career, but unless Mani can inspire the release of ‘It’s A Beautiful Life’, the album for supergroup Freebass that stalled in 2010, or return with Bobby Gillespie and co. in Primal Scream, more music doesn’t look likely.

And finally, Reni, the member that 30 years ago today Dave Haslam called “the best young drummer in Manchester town”. Might he be the thorn in the side of The Stone Roses again? Storming off the stage in Amsterdam back in 2012 before they’d even played their reunion gigs at Heaton Park, Alan Wren has often been reported to be at the middle of rifts within the band. He failed to join the full band at the end of Saturday’s gig when they embraced (picture below). 

At that very press conference before the reunion gigs he mentioned of his commitments as a father, and with laying low before 2011 since the first split, it would be an obvious route for Reni to go down again.

Would you support another Ian Brown solo venture? Let me know!


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  1. I’ve seen The Stone Roses 6 times spanning over 25 years and nothing can compare to it.
    I’ve seen Ian Brown around the same amount of times which has been also brilliant. If that’s all that’s on offer I will definitely be there 👍🍋

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