Track Review: Louis Antoniou “I Don’t Want No More Woes”

2017 has seen Louis Antoniou assert himself as an alternative rock rising star, entertaining crowds across the country with this powerful, gritty sound and well-crafted lyrics.

Antoniou has previously recorded some new material at the famous Gizzard Studios in East London, where he shared a space in which music luminaries such as Mark Ronson, Mr Hudson, The Skints, Michael Kiwanuka and Holly Golightly have previously laid down tracks. He says: “These tracks are new direction. They are my deepest darkest thoughts on life, doomed romances. Relatable and no-nonsense.”

“Bad Apple” was the track that propelled Louis into the spotlight. This track entices fans of artists such as Queens of The Stone Age, The White Stripes and Seasick Steve a new offering when it comes to the world of Rock and Roll. It’s punchy and hits hard.

“I Don’t Want No More Woes”, is the prequel to this exciting two-track release. It provides a slower and more emotional mood. It is a contrast that illustrates Antoniou’s dynamicity. The artist himself has expressed how proud he is of his ‘satirically powerful’ video for the release. It is undoubtedly slower than “Bad Apple”, and far more moody. It has a swagger about it that is reflective of his live performance.

Louis has seen a massive rise in the last year after catching the eyes at Y Not festival. He is already booked up for Y Not this year whilst packing out venues in London and smashing Dot To Dot festival last month. He is certainly a sought-after artist in major music cities across the UK.

The future looks bright for Louis; he says “these singles are just the beginning. I’ve got plenty more where that came from.”


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