Live Review: The View (Liverpool Hangar 34 13/05/17)

Dundee’s favourite sons The View produced a set in excess of 20 songs in Liverpool last night that combined a rendition of their album Hats Off To The Buskers in full with an extended encore of some of their other finest work.

Kyle Falconer, with his incomparable cheeky for a reason nature led opener Comin’ Down and the famous slow first verse of Superstar Tradesman before yet another packed Merseyside venue lent a hand from back to front. What is most appealing about these album-based gigs is that the running order of their debut album, released in 2007, can be relived. The crowd are singing the first line of the next song seconds after the previous has ended, and can predict Kyle and bassist Kieran Webster’s substation for the iconically Scottish Skag Trendy.

For The View, it was Hats Off To The Buskers that put in motion the chain of events that would lead to them becoming one of the most fanatically supported bands in the U.K. They are defined by unique gigs that can’t quite fit a comparison anywhere else in the industry, it’s a winning formula that’s been entirely organic. An element of domesticity and teenage mischief, the album is a perfect definition of the impression they made back in 2007.

The 14 songs come to a conclusion, and when the band return to stage, fronted by a topless Crazy Mo, they begin with Double Yellow Lines from 2009’s Which Bitch album. Grace and 5 Rebeccas are perhaps the highlight of the second half, with hundreds of five-fingered palms thrown towards the band this is less about a performance, but more as if the band could be any one person in the crowd spending their Saturday night going nuts.
How Long, Sunday and Shock Horror round off the night, with a word of thanks in between. Part of a 15 night tour, there’s a feeling that giving Liverpool a Saturday night slot was entirely justified. Of course there are partisan fans from above the border, but plenty fans from below, who all exit albeit damp, but happy. Hats Off.


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