Live Review: The Cribs (Manchester Academy 12/05/17)

“Everyone’s doing these tours where they do their most famous album, but just so you know, we started it…” – Ross Jarman

Wakefield’s premier punk rock band last night produced a set that any new band could only dream of. Playing their incredible Men’s Needs, Women’s Needs, Whatever, in its entirety, the Manchester Academy was rammed back to front with nostalgia and sheer celebration.

Beginning with Our Bovine Public, they ripped through their 2007 album like it was yesterday, the triple threat of Men’s Needs, Moving Pictures, and I’m A Realist surely remains one of the best of its’ kind. Gary Jarman layed out on the stage floor, his twin brother, Ryan, opposite and younger sibling Ross; different class in My Life Flashed Before My Eyes.

Shoot The Poets is always special, but tonight, 10 years from its release, it is completely encapsulating. The room falls almost silent, before copying Ryan word for word through one of the best closing songs of any post-2000 British album.

Two from the B-sides, Do You Wanna Be Relevant?, they still are, and Kind Words For The Broken Hearted. They are segregated and surrounded by their younger acquaintances, Come On, Be A No One, and Another Number are always well received.

“It’s feels like a homecoming gig in Manchester, but, like, we’re from Wakefield…” – Ross Jarman

Mirror Kissers rips the Academy apart, The Wrong Way To Be is another one from their second album, The New Fellas. This is one for the stayers, but it’s complete with Pink Snow from their latest album. A seven minute explosion, and that’s that. No encore, just confidence that they’ve done a job, again. They did, and the name of the tour is right; Men’s Needs, Women’s Needs, Forever.


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