Live Review: DMA’S (Liverpool O2 Academy 04/05/17)

When a certain Alex Turner coined the phrase “don’t believe the hype” before they ripped into their first big hit, it set off a trend to keep a lid on positive opinions until a band had really asserted themselves. This is often detrimental to bands in a similar position to DMA’S. On Thursday night in Liverpool the band from Sydney played their latest gig as part of their extensive tour on UK shores.
Supporting were local band The Boho’s [interviewed by Little Indie last month], lead singer Fin Power (the son of Cast’s John Power) dons a t-shirt out of Bold Street’s Resurrection. He is the feature piece of the band and leads the front section of the crowd into manic celebration at each song. ‘Monday Morning’ is where drummer Jack Danily really shows off, the live sound they make is far from tentative, and they tear through their set like a group of young lads chomping at the bit to be Liverpool’s hometown heroes.

When the lights drop for DMA’S there’s a lot of expectation in the air, Tommy O’Dell appears like a mischievous kid wearing his cap and polo, or Mike Skinner on his total result of a holiday in 2004. First song ‘Play It Out’ has the venue rocking, and their likeness to Oasis resonates with me. Their recorded sound doesn’t draw similarities but the relationship between O’Dell and Matt Mason is similar to the one that drove the Manchester band through the 90s. O’Dell is in Liam Gallagher/Ian Brown mode with his tambourine shaking by his side, ‘In The Moment’ and ‘Step Up The Morphine’ allow him to monkey man his way around the stage before Mason departs and their hit ‘Delete’ creates an incredible atmosphere.

To doubt the talent of DMA’S now seems peculiar, it’s obvious they’re good enough to stand on the pedestal both the Aussie and UK scene has built for them. In fact, it’s one of the best live performances I’ve seen for a long time, his cheeky accent gives thanks to the crowd as a reminder that they’re from Sydney and not St. Helens, the reaction of a delighted crowd makes you forget they’re 17,000 miles from home.
‘Lay Down’ is the final song, bodies fall over the front barrier, and they stroll off-stage rightly convinced they’ve bossed another night of their tour. These lads are the real deal, there’s no doubt, and I can’t wait for what they do next.


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