Introducing: Louis Antoniou

With blues-rock back on the frontline of British music, Watford-born Louis Antoniou is set to release two independent singles. He has described the process of writing and recording these as ’a way of realising and expressing his deepest and darkest thoughts’.

“Bad Apple” is without a doubt the track that is soon to push Louis into the limelight. Offering a no-nonsense, punky and gritty sound, this track entices fans of artists such as Queens of The Stone Age, The White Stripes and Seasick Steve a new offering when it comes to the world of Rock and Roll. It’s punchy and hits hard.

Listen here on Spotify.

Recorded at the infamous Gizzard Studios in East London, these singles are brave, loud and bad.

The second track to be released, “No More Woes” is a slower and moodier track, similar to those that Cabbbage have recently fired out. There’s an element of Bob Dylan, one which Jake Bugg took a few years back, Louis went to university in Nottingham, from where Bugg ails.

Image: c/o Jordan Price


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