Live Review: Ryan Koriya (19/02/17 Old English Pub, Copenhagen)

Upon arrival into The Old English Pub in Copenhagen it’s clear that traditions are at the forefront of presentation, similar then to British-Zimbabwean singer-songwriter Ryan Koriya. It’s those African roots that give him his basis to turn well-known tracks from the likes of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Oasis and John Lennon.

On his interesting multi-instrumental sound, Ryan says, 

“The kick is a piece of wood with a mic in it and the snare is a hockey puck with something similar. I’ve devised a unique system that gives me that bass drum and snare along with a tambourine as a hi-hat type effect. All played live with my feet.”

Especially in an intimate setting, Ryan Koriya’s vocal range is impressive and it’s clearly served him well with 10 countries in the 13 days around Northern Europe. 
His own song, Drowning In Space, is out now (music video here) and it was well-received. It didn’t sound out of place in comparison to his covers, perhaps that it the biggest compliment anyone in the audience could give. Ryan will perform in front of bigger crowds, that’s for sure, but it was a good opportunity for this audience to listen closely to his work and admire.


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