Live Review: The Vryll Society (Liverpool Invisible Wind Factory 03/12/16)

Liverpool has long been aware of The Vryll Society, they’ve stalked the North West and spread word like wildfire, but this was a Friday night to come home. In the vast space of Vauxhall’s Invisible Wind Factory, they produced a mesmerising set, the perfect relationship of audio and visual.

Mike Ellis’ voice in any other band might take all the plaudits, but he instead has to share the centre stage with Lloyd Shearer, who’s bass guitar the rest of the band ride like the crest of a wave. Without a pause for breath, the band fly through the opening exchanges of their set like lads that can’t afford to waste time when showing their town what they’ve done. Their sound echoes around the venue, and when ‘Coshh’ asserts itself it leaves a crowd entirely buying into their sound.

The new single ‘A Perfect Rythm’ also impresses, as it did Steve Lamacq who played it on Radio 6 recently. When I caught up with bassist Lloyd in a bar in town after the gig he expressed the importance of this particular performance…

Thing about this venue is that it brings the music home in a relaxed environment, a place where people can know everything about us, you can’t make any mistakes.

That they didn’t, they leave the stage almost unaccepting of applause after ‘Deep Blues Skies’. It feels like they’ll pick their jackets from the dressing room and get right back into each other’s ears about what’s next for The Vryll Society. Their pyschadelic tones aren’t matched anywhere in the country, and the most exciting thing about this band is that you can almost see from the look in these Scousers eyes that they’re just buzzing to do more and more.


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