Live Review: The Courteeners (Carlisle Sands Centre 24/11/12)

Eleventh hour planning sent me homeward bound and a little bit further to see The Courteeners at the Sands’ Centre in Carlisle last night for the penultimate leg of their UK tour. 

As is the norm, Are You In Love With A Notion opened the show before Modern Love what seems destined to be the bands’ next single, for as much as it’s lyrics can be sung right back to Fray and co., it’s also a rip-roaring second track, the spoken word segment building up to a huge final chorus.
There was plenty more to be had from Mapping The Rendezvous, too. Not For Tomorrow first up, Lucifer’s Dreams and The Dilettante to follow. 

In the twilight of this UK tour, it’s the first time they’ve been in Cumbria and The Courteeners’ faithful responded, and responded in true Courteeners fashion, Fallowfield Hillbilly exploded what is otherwise a standard sports’ hall, bringing it to life front to back.

Liam Fray’s acoustic session, featuring a superb rendition of Smiths’ Disco. Conan, Campbell and Cross rejoined Carlisle for the finale. Acrylic, Not Nineteen Forever, the highlight for plenty, and What Took You So Long rounded it all off. 

For what Carlisle might lack in celebrity music export it hasn’t fallen short of big name imports, The Stone Roses earlier this year and now more of Manchester’s favourite sons. The Sands Centre promotion team have played a blinder, and in return The Courteeners did exactly that on the night.


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