Live Review: Cabbage (The Magnet 4/11/16)

Self-proclaimed “Manc woolybacks” Cabbage played at The Magnet in Liverpool on Friday night, a 40 minute set full of shirtless passion and a front section of fans going mental for them at the front.

Lee Broadbent fronts up the Moseley 5-piece, he shakes behind the microphone with a resemblance of Ian Curtis, and like Joy Divison there’s a punk element to their output. For their popular track ‘Dinner Lady’, guitarist and vocalist Joe Martin leans into the mosh pit half naked. The venue is full, and there’s a definite buzz around the band that seem to have taken up the role of political commentators, their song ‘Free Steven Avery’ slams US Republican candidate Donald Trump.

They’re a band that are enjoying their music at the minute, and why not? They’ve sold well a tour that brings them back to Liverpool in Heebie Jeebies basement in February with The Shimmer Band. They’re also down to support The Courteeners at Old Trafford Cricket Ground next year, so there’s plenty to be excited about for Cabbage. They’re all smiles in the bar afterwards, with Kieran Shudall of Circa Waves in attendance, breathless the crowd leave The Magnet having caught a glimpse of rock’s polical rebels.


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