Oasis: Supersonic

The intense story of one of the greatest rock and roll bands of all time, Supersonic was screened in 380 cinemas worldwide tonight. From Alan McGee signing them up after the King Tuts gig, to the infamous LA gig that first explored the vulnerabilities of Liam and Noel’s love/hate relationship.

Featuring interviews with Peggie, the matriarch of the Burnage household, the film explores their formation from The Rain to Oasis. Interestingly it also shows the difficulties they had recording Definitely Maybe, along with the entertaining snippets of deportation from an Amsterdam ferry after a “Benny Hill” style brawl.

Their famous gigs at Knebworth began and concluded ‘Supersonic’, live extracts from the gigs playing on reminiscence and also the want for more. Liam fondly referring to Noel as “Our Kid” as always, here’s hoping that documentary does the same for them lads as it does for the thousands viewing tonight. 

Beautifully produced portraying the raw emotion that defined Oasis, it is an absolute must-see for any music fan.


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