Live Review: Blossoms (Manchester Academy 30/09/16)

Yes, Blossoms again, Stockport’s favourite sons have been out and about plenty over the summer, but this return back to Manchester will have been especially sweet since their cataclysmic rise in the past few months. 

In typical style Kanye West’s ‘Black Skinhead’ welcomes the band on stage before they reel off hits from their eponymous debut album. Both ‘Honey Sweet’ and ‘Smashed Pianos’ sung back at Tom Ogden, they’ve been learned well. Clad in white jeans Ogden thanks the crowd over and over. 

It’s easy to forget how fresh Blossoms are, despite radio play and a wide fan base they’re still new to the heights of headlining their own shows. They have grown considerably, and look so comfortable making the stage their own.

They have the ability to turn a venue like the academy into an intimate setting. ‘My Favourite Room’ is played by Ogden alone, he strums out ‘Half The World Away’ to conclude the song, Manchester appreciates that, of course. Their hit ‘Charlemagne’ finishes off their set, it’s not long until their back out in December. The Stockport pop sensation are ending the year with yet more live dates, 2016 has been good to them.


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