Track Review: FIX ‘Vanity Parade’

Formed in Cambridge in 2014, FIX are an alternative three-piece calving their way through local and national underground music with a heavy guitar sound and punchy drums.
 In November they released their EP, ‘T R E P I D A T I O N’ and since have been played on BBC Introducing Cambridgeshire, Cambridge 105 and on BBC Radio 1. As a result of the encouraging radio play, the EP was streamed on major online retailers Spotify and iTunes. 

FIX have proven popular locally, playing gigs at the Cambridge Junction, where their recent video is filmed, and a number of venues in London, including Nambucca which since reopening in 2014 has hosted Wolf Alice, The Enemy and The Rifles. Nambucca itself is synonymous with underground music, featuring FIX they’ve aimed to project their local popularity to the capital.

‘T R E P I D A T I O N’ itself is darker than previous releases, ‘Vanity Parade’ appears to address certain political views as lazy and prone to trends, “It’s about ‘slacktivism’ and views that have become hegemonic despite how damaging they can be, as if politics and social views are a fashion choice, hence ‘Vanity Parade’.”At just under 2 minutes long, ‘Vanity Parade’ is aggressive and you can listen and watch here.


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