Album Review: Blossoms “Blossoms”

We’ve already heard plenty about Blossoms, their groove seeped from Stockport what seems so long ago now, and it’s almost hard to believe they’ve had the success they have had without an album. This eponymous debut is more of the quality we’ve grown to expect. Opener Charlemagne is already among their best, so much so that at their midnight gig at the Stockport Plaza last night fans asked and were given a second helping. At Most A Kiss signifies they’re expansion from their initial breakthrough, they’re still in the teething stage of what will be a superb career, but it has a maturity that is at this stage unrivaled by any other band of a similar ilk. The first new material comes in at number 4, Honey Sweet, it’s steady beat sits under Tom Ogden’s soothing tones, “you’d still love this incomplete”, probably.

The next, On Her Bed, aims directly for the heartstrings and like the beautiful My Favourite Room which features later on the EP, it is of a perfect length and just enough to take you to heartbreak before the uplifting Texia and their best yet, Blown Rose, couple up to provide an excellently structured balance. Smashed Pianos is definitely the most intriguing song on ‘Blossoms’ and Joe Donovan’s drums star. The chorus is sudden reflection and admittance and concludes to explain the title and illustrate exactly what we were after. Cut Me and I’ll Bleed follows before the aforementioned My Favourite Room which is nothing less than absolutely sublime.

Donovan takes to the fore again at the intro to Blow, before another newbie, Deep Grass concludes the album. The Coral’s James Skelly and his co-production deserves credit, as does the now famous scaffold yard in which their album art is shot. It’s hard to avoid 80s psych-rock when thinking about this album and this band, they claim to have taken inspiration from Lana Del Rey Phil Collins and Abba and have gained recognition and support from the likes of Johnny Marr who could easily have featured on At Most A Kiss. Enjoy this, and go and see these lads in the autumn:


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