Preview: The Stone Roses at Etihad Stadium

It doesn’t seem almost 4 years ago that I was reaching the end of my GCSE exams and heading to Heaton Park on Saturday 30th June to see The Stone Roses for the first time. 16 years old and envious of those before me that were part of the era that brought so much great music in the UK, suddenly a press conference announced from nowhere sparked the beginning of the most famous resurrection. It wasn’t without it’s complications, Reni walked off stage not long before the 3 nights in Manchester throwing the whole dream into doubt, but that night will forever remain in my memory as witnessing what I never thought possible. The band were off colour, but the event was magical, it was over so soon and with it many thought it would be the last time they would ever see their heroes.

2013, and they announce two more shows in London’s Finsbury Park and on Glasgow Green, just like in 1990. The latter was simply the perfect gig, and a day that will always stand out to me as being the very best of days – cheers Dad. All of a sudden, I’d seen The Stone Roses twice and I’d become part of an exclusive club at only 18 years old. 3 years on and we’re now looking forward to the hat-trick, an unprecedented 4 nights at Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium are just days away. Armed with new tracks ‘All For One’ and the sublime ‘Beautiful Thing’, that have shades of ‘Fool’s Gold’ and ‘Something’s Burning’, they’re ready to play to up to 240,000 people over the 4 nights. They’ll be supported by Public Enemy, The Coral, The Buzzcocks, The Courteeners and Blossoms to name a few before they walk on stage at around 9 o’clock each night.

Two packed intimate shows last week provided a warm-up for the gigs at the weekend, Halifax and Carlisle were treated to short and sweet sets of classics to fans with the fastest reactions to head to the two venues with merchandise at short notice. Astonishingly, the gigs at the Etihad Stadium may also have a few people in that need winning over after all these years, any that missed out first time round or are willing to give them another shot. Unsurprisingly, though, there will also be an abundance of adoring fans that at the first sound of The Supremes’ ‘Stoned Love’, the bass of ‘I Wanna Be Adored’ and the final chorus of ‘I Am The Resurrection’ will fall in love all over again.


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