The Enemy to split

Tom Clarke, lead singing of Coventry band The Enemy has today penned a heartfelt statement confirming that their next 6 dates will be their last as a band for “the foreseeable future”. 

Clarke has paid tribute to dedicated fans and thanked them for what has been 10 years of success as a true alternative indie  band in the piece titled “All good things…”, but mentioned that the short term nature of radio play now means that bands like them can’t produce music as easily.

..there is without doubt less room for bands on the airwaves these days and whereas once acts used to be able to get their big break on a sixth record, in this climate radio and the media is bored of them by their third..

He talks of their successes as a band, and his pride on the amount of sell out dates they’ve managed. Their first album without a doubt was one that changed perceptions to real alternative music, We’ll Live and Die In These Towns remains one that was so pivotal in teenage lives. 

Back in July 2007 it was one of the first albums I could sit and listen to without touching, beginning to see things from an adult point of view. The ‘kitchen sink’ style of writing and the lairy choruses still sound so fresh today.

Find the full statement by Tom here, and as we await their final tour dates, take a listen to in my opinion one of their finest records musically and lyrically from a brilliant debut album… This Song.


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