Live Review: Primal Scream (The Albert Hall, Manchester 02/04/16)

Primal Scream last night produced a set that ended powerfully, after a well-measured set list of new material from recent release Chaosmosis and their backlog of hits. 

Bobby Gillespie’s character and stage presence requires a certain level of enthusiasm on the other side of the barrier, the band may have felt hard done by with the lack of such to begin with. Musically, a band that have major staying power in music were again impressive, their new material has the kick of a band who are cautious to meddle with their current legacy, it’s well balanced and sounds great live.

Bassist Simone Butler adds fire to the right of Gillespie while to the left next to backing vocalists is Andrew Innes receiving fanatic appreciation during guitar solos. 

Are you having a good time out there? Yeah, we are too. That makes it a date.

Bobby is happier with the reaction to Accelerator and it improves from there. The lighting and Screamadelica backdrop is well presented, Country Girl and Rocks are consistent in delivering more chaotic scenes, and the encore after a long break begins with newbie 100% Or Nothing before Loaded and Come Together; which fills the Albert Hall like a rousing gospel hymn. Gillespie’s maracas the centrepiece of the performance, there’s one floating about in the crowd as well. There’s pure love for this band, and there’s no doubt they justify it to those who have bought into them so long ago. They’ll split opinions with their new album, Chaosmosis, as new material for bands with such longevity do. But it’s been worked hard on and worth a chance, even if at first the rest of the crowd aren’t quite digging it. 


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