Live Review: Blossoms (Liverpool O2 Academy 25/03/16)

After the climax of Blossoms’ hometown gig last month at The Albert Hall, we’ve been treated with a couple of extra gigs on the back end of their tour which began last month. A tour that has gone hand in hand with an acceleration of popularity and ultimately the name of a Stockport pub featuring in music discussions significantly more. The journey across the M62 to play in Liverpool is often a fair sign as to just how much potential they have. For Blossoms, they’ve been welcomed with open arms in a number of venues on Merseyside. Blossoms t-shirts spotted in The Cavern Club at 6 o’clock; another sign of their rise.

Fans packed into the O2 Academy, the sold out gig that would’ve featured Viola Beach had circumstances not been so cruel. Instead, as with the rest of the gigs on this tour, a recorded set of the band from Warrington was played before the main event.

The intro to Cut Me And I’ll Bleed reverberates wall-to-wall, it’s so good to see smiling faces buying into a band and a band that appreciate it so much. A winning set throughout their tour, the better known songs are a hit, and songs from the new At Most A Kiss EP have caught on, Fourteen being one which has grown on myself and seemingly plenty more. Charlemagne’s “Hello hello…” first line is belted out, Tom Ogden grooves behind the microphone. It’s a little more intimate than their Manchester date, with only a small gap between the band and crowd, it makes for a great atmosphere. Their Live Lounge cover is well-received, as is my the gentle My Favourite Room – “you’re gonna get it gurrrrrl” sung with a beaming smile through the frontman’s long dark hair.

They’re tight, these lads, and it is reflected in their performance. We can easily forget that music is about enjoyment, aside from the terrific artistic elements of their work as a band, they pass an enjoyment to their audience that’s irresistible. It’s that exact influence that has pushed them up to their current spot, and it’ll be the same qualities that push them further and further up the ladder. With a funkiness and a charm they’re set to capture more fans and keep on growing, it’s brilliant to see and even more so to be a part of.

Get their latest EP, At Most A Kiss, here.


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