David Bowie: Courageously Unique, Never To Be Forgotten

It was with a heavy heart that this morning, we learned of the death of the courageously creative David Bowie. The original starman that warped music genre, fashion, gender, sexuality and performance. Just days after his final release, on his 69th birthday last week, Bowie has passed away in the company of those closest to him. Myself included, many believed it to be a hoax, but as news of confirmation from his son spread around the world, music fans internationally began to mourn the death of the Thin White Duke.

There are many musical figures, especially from Bowie’s generation, that have inspired future artists. The difference with David Bowie was the valiant and bold ways he went about showing people from all walks of life to be themselves, to express their personality (or personalities) by way of music and appearance. Bowie has inspired and will continue to inspire generations of musicians, writers, makeup artists, dancers, those in the fashion industry and those who, like myself, adore the genius of his music and live performance.

Tributes have flown in today, from politicians and musicians, journalists and fans, some of which make powerfully emotive reading, but the overriding reaction to the death of one of Britain’s most loved icons is one beyond grief, but to play those albums, those decades of hits, non-stop. Even in his last release, he told us of his imminent death, his talent still is staggering. With so many lyrics and quotes to choose from I’ve chosen words beautifully simple and beautifully effective, words which the whole world should remember him by.

“I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.”

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Rest in Peace David Bowie. We’ll never see anyone quite like you again.


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