Live Review – Reverend and The Makers (Manchester Ritz 13/11/15)

Whilst in Manchester, Reverend and The Makers played to music fans in The Ritz, another band and another set of fans had what was supposed to be a night of enjoyment cut barbarically short in the Bataclan Theatre in Paris. 89 music fans were killed there on Friday in France in one of the worst terror attacks in recent history. Chillingly similar to the event I was at on Friday night, a reminder of the fragility of human life and how for some the ultimate happiness in going to a gig can turn horrific in seconds.
Reverend and The Makers have been a consistent part of Sheffield’s expansive music scene for a number of years now, and have been one of the bands to have been able to call Manchester their second city. This was certainly the case again on Friday night where their cult following once again came together to bounce to a tried and tested style and sound that Rev as his army know and love.

The non-stop way that Jon McClure and his band go about their work is seldom seen, any word of thanks is given to the sound of drums as they continue to manoeuvre their way around the room with the accompaniment of Laura McClures funk-infused keyboard work that is just one element of making this band’s sound so unique.

Second song Open Your Window is a throwback, as is Heavyweight Champion of The World, arguably their most recognised hit. But this is a band who propelled from early popularity in 2007 as opposed to many who stand stationary, metaphorically. Exactly what the band aren’t literally too, Jon bouncing around like the aforementioned boxing champion and the crowd responding alike, The Ritz’s springy dancefloor is well-equipped.

“We do stop sometimes though, just because it gets a bit sweaty and that.” McClure brings out the spotless No Soap In A Dirty War. 

The moon stomping He Said He Loved Me is a popular one too, it follows Last To Know, the last of the newbies from 2015’s Mirrors album, recognised by the likes of Noel Gallagher as one of the best of the year of its’ type. The echoing hook of final song Silence Is Talking has been sung out since 6 o’clock, and it is played by the band as their finale, or their last in the venue at least…

Jon McClure offers himself out “see you outside” but it’s not for a wording, but to play The Specials’ A Message To You Rudy at the other side of the bridge, hundreds shocked to say the least to see him stood with an acoustic guitar on a corner. It is somewhat a trademark, and a final piece in the argument that these are a band to see to have a good time, every time.


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