The Stone Roses announce 2 huge Manchester dates

Lets talk about The Stone Roses.

They’re arguably the best band of all time, their the creators of the best debut album of all time and some of the finest music to come out of this country, and last night they announced two historic dates at Manchester’s Etihad Stadium plus a headline slot at T in The Park. On Friday 18th and Saturday 19th June next year, they will grace the home of Manchester City FC to provide the best nights of thousands of people’s lives.

They are the only, or at least one of the only, bands who can provide the industry with real ambiguity. Posters of their famous lemon symbol appeared around Manchester on Monday morning and in the age of social media where almost nothing can be kept quiet, they were able to send their fans into frenzy when the announcement at 7pm was still a surprise. They are the true representatives of an era of innocence, where music was yet to become about retweets and downloads, but the desperation to get hold of a ticket for that gig. That’s exactly what an expected 150,000 will be aiming to do on Friday, when tickets go on sale at 9.30am for both dates, no pre-sale, no mobile network perks, just first come first served.


There has been talk of a third album, and I wrote around this time last year about the prospect of new material from The Stone Roses. In that piece I argued my concern “about the legacy that could be tarnished by any new material that isn’t absolutely superb.” If you take the time to have a look at the setlists from their Heaton Park gigs in 2012, or their Glasgow Green/Finsbury Park gigs of 2013 you’ll find a set of tracks that you cannot ever possibly tire of hearing live. Who really needs new music when you can have them songs again? They don’t need to strive to improve, or justify going back out to play live, and if you think they do; you need to listen to that first album again.

I’m just over the moon to think that I’m gonna be able to see the band I never thought I’d see even once, for the third time in 2016.


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