Live Review: Bipolar Sunshine (Kendal Calling 02/08/2015)

Enter the most appreciative artist in the billing, overlapping with the back end of Snoop Dogg’s set on Sunday evening; Adio Marchant. After 5 years with Kid British, Bipolar Sunshine released his debut EP back in 2013. An iTunes ‘Single of The Week’ followed with lead song Rivers drawing acclaim, it’s amazing that the first time I watched him perform was only back in June at Heaton Park with The Courteeners. He presents an eclectic mix of genres to construct a live performance that puts smiles on faces through heart-on-sleeve lyrics and a feel-good energy that goes largely unrivalled.

Take Love More, Worry Less for example, imagine bring Bob Marley alive in the 21st century and you won’t be far from understanding the message he portrays. It’s an exalting song that fits with festival spirit perfectly. Production staff running around gesturing numbers with fingers like at Wembley in 1985, except the time scale-based panic behind the scenes couldn’t have been more of a contract to the enjoyment Marchant orchestrated at the Calling Out stage. Relaxed, confident, and seemingly unable to go a single song without expressing his gratitude for those in the crowd – he’s refreshing and the type of act you wouldn’t miss as to lose out on the feeling of coming away feeling fulfilled and without a worry in the world. Yet he hasn’t released a single solo album; it’s in the pipeline and will undoubtedly attract attention, with it should come a tour where he’ll be able to display a growing collection in addition to what is now a handful in comparison.

Where Did The Love Go stands out not only from his set but the whole of Kendal Calling, the track from 2014 gets better every time. “You and me, cut from a different cloth” part of the anticipative first verse in new song Daydreamer that concludes the set to the relief of the next act. He’d have stayed there all night if he could, and the crowd would’ve just got bigger. You don’t tire of some people; Bipolar Sunshine is one of those, and he’s got a lot more to give in the near future.


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