Review: Kendal Calling 2015

It doesn’t seem long ago since Kendal Calling was in its early years as a local festival that was attended in the most by those who lived down the road, and handful from Lancashire and maybe a few further down the M6. It’s hard to believe the festival, although a change in venue happened half way through, is 10 years old. It wasn’t until the video montage of famous faces and the cast of Hi-de-Hi! (nearly) appeared on the screen wishing KC a Happy Birthday that it was put into perspective the mammoth growth of the event. Over 20,000 people this year watched acts over 4 nights beginning with the immaculate James and ending with Kaiser Chiefs with the likes of Ella Eyre and Snoop Dogg (who the campsite cancelled 4 times over the weekend) in between. A special mention to Propellers too, who on Sunday lifted damp spirits out of the rain – the lead vocalist combining Jarvis Cocker with Carl Barât in a way not thought possible, leather galore and the lads are a hot prospect for sure.

The Real Ale tent at the top of the main stage hill became the centre of the festival quickly on Thursday, Tim Peaks a centre of activity for hungover bodies daily; requiring tea and cakes before thousands of cans of lager over the 4 days. The indie disco at the Calling Out stage was well-attended on Friday, Saturday and Sunday; Tim Cocker from XFM then the resident DJs providing a continuous assault of tunes that frequently sampled the best bands in the world. You could get an equally as indie playlist in the House Party tent on Saturday, if you wanted a more cosy atmosphere. Walking in there to the final 30 seconds of I Am The Resurrection was painful, though, good job I’ve seen it live… twice.

I’m looking forward to writing about performances from the aforementioned James as well as the surprisingly impressive Vaccines, the most appreciative man in music; Adio Marchant, also known as Bipolar Sunshine and the Kaiser Chiefs, even if they did shoot Leeds United-inspired confetti everywhere upon their exit. Seeing as though the last poll was a success, I’m going to try another, in retrospect this time (handy if last week you hated The Vaccines live like me).


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