TONIGHT: Zane Lowe’s final farewell to Radio 1

At 9pm tonight the curtain will come down on Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe’s career at the BBC. New Zealand-born Lowe is giving up his evening show after nearly 12 years and heading to Los Angeles to work for Apple, since 2002 he has introduced the world to the likes of Adele, Ed Sheeran and Arctic Monkeys. He has collected awards from NME and the Radio Academy for his contribution to music, and artists across the world have expressed how Lowe will be so missed at Radio 1.

Serge from Kasabian told BBC’s Newsbeat,
“He cares and he knows more about tunes and music and especially about new artists than anyone. He turned me onto things I would have never listened to and he would be there at the front and always supportive, that is the thing about Zane. He is like positive, positive, positive and that energy will be massively missed but God bless him and good luck to him.”

Lauren Maybury from Chvches describes him as “an institution”, and his presence on the station’s evening slot will be sorely missed as he moves across to the US. Perhaps Zane’s most important role in the industry to date has been the support he has given to new music, a big believer in the power of new music in the genre of indie rock, he has helped the likes of Jake Bugg a break they value so much. “It’s definitely a shame, he was a big supporter of my music from the very start, I do believe he gave Trouble Town its first play,” Bugg told Newsbeat. He also worked on many albums himself, most recently Sam Smith’s multi-award winning album which featured at last week’s BRIT Awards.

Sighting records from The Smiths’ such as The Queen Is Dead amongst albums from Neil Young right up to his famous “hottest record of the week”; a hand-picked track from brand new music. His replacement will be Annie Mac, who will no doubt put her own spin on the evening slot which could further eradicate the indie rock genre from Radio 1.

Zane Lowe’s final show is from 7pm-9pm on BBC Radio 1 tonight, and is available online


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