Live Review – The Courteeners (Liverpool Echo Arena 21/11/14)

Firstly, I want to start this by saying that this band have effectively soundtracked my life for the past 8 or so years, and they’ve given me some of the best nights I’ve had. With a heavy heart I have to say Friday night wasn’t one of those, and that actually really hurts to say.
This tour started on the 27th October, and they’ve done 19 gigs in 25 days, including the finale at the Echo. That’s a heavy schedule, and for a man such as Fray who puts so much effort into his vocals it seems to have taken its toll. The usually powerful “Cavorting” and “Fallowfield Hillbilly” were significantly softer, and the highlights for me were my first experiences of “Small Bones”, “International” and “Sunflower”, all acoustic.
It was nice to enjoy “How Good It Was” properly, the last time I seen that song was in Glasgow in August and I was trying to find my phone. Incidentally, my phone is still in the entirely incapable hands of Her Majesty’s Police Force in Govan, I’m not expecting it back anytime soon. Cheers.
It’s also pretty clear Liam isn’t personally a fan of the Mancunian/Liverpudlian rivalry that seems to make its way into a lot of gigs at the moment, I agree. Everyone loves where they come from, but if you want to sing about Robin van Persie or Brendan Rogers do it on a Saturday afternoon, not through “Please Don’t.”
Anyway, the post-gig reactions of social media in the most were very positive. Many described it as amazing, some even the best gig ever; but I’d have to question whether they’ve really seen The Courteeners at the peak of their powers. If they haven’t, they’re gonna be blown away when they see what these boys really can do.
Oh, and Liam said to tell you that you have to keep the first weekend of June next year free. Nice one.


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