Live Review – The Heartbreaks (East Village Arts Club, Liverpool 08/11/14)

Unique Morecambe band The Heartbreaks played an admittedly long overdue gig in Liverpool last night. They were supported by local bands The Havocs and Polar States – both which were a sample of the quality of emerging talent in amongst Liverpool’s thriving music scene.

Beginning with the melodic ‘Paint The Town Beige’ from their latest album, We May Yet Stand A Chance, released in June, flamboyant front man Matthew Whitehouse led the Manchester Evening News Band of 2009 through a set that featured tracks from both their new album and the hugely popular Funtimes. The latter collection featuring the song that caught my attention when they supported The Courteeners last year at Castlefield Bowl, ‘Delay, Delay’ – which was immaculate. As was arguably the band’s best song, “Polly”, until it was comically interrupted by a one-man stage invasion – “Guess where he’s from…” Whitehouse remarked when he’d left the stage.

“Absolved” seems to be the best received song from their latest album, the triumphant chorus filled the venue and complemented it’s atmosphere and top notch acoustics. The Heartbreaks finished with ‘I Didn’t Think It Would Hurt To Think Of You’ featuring the sincere standalone line spoken by bassist Chris Deakin, “I am but a boy, but I won’t be soon, the consequences of the things we do, they will felt long after we are young.”

Evidently proud of where they come from, and described only as “tailored” in Manchester, the style of The Heartbreaks is undoubtedly cool and combined with their lively performance they are set to continue their success for a long while yet.


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