Track Review – Iceage “The Lord’s Favourite”

Danish post-punk band Iceage have been around since 2008, releasing their first studio album in 2011. However, the new sound of Iceage has altered hugely since the clutter that was their 2013 album “You’re Nothing”, the first single from the album, Ecstacy, was particularly painful, Wounded Hearts wasn’t much better. But, strangely, a bit of country influence has been hugely beneficial to their new single.

A much tidier record has made its way to the UK far quicker than any of their other singles has – and its for a reason. From the album, “Plowing Into The Field of Love”, which was released on the 6th October, The Lord’s Favourite is, what many fans have described, a combination of a country chord progression and slurred Pete Doherty and Julian Casablancas vocals has strangely combined to make a strong contender for the best European track of 2014. If you still haven’t got the idea, imagine Mumford and Sons decide to have a night on treble vodka and Red Bull then record this in the early hours of Sunday morning – that’s a good point actually, maybe they should do that…

Alternatively, the video is here:


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