The Third Coming – More rumours of a new album by The Stone Roses

Yep, it’s doing the rounds again. The rumour that began after the announcement of Heaton Park in 2012 which has been put out and relit time again ever since, a third album by arguably Manchester’s greatest ever band.
As a younger fan of the band, introduced to them by my Dad and his generation, it initially appears quite exciting and immediately you imagine a full tour with new material. But then you start to become concerned about the legacy that could be tarnished by any new material that isn’t absolutely superb. The much-criticised “Second Coming” was only done so because of the quality of their debut LP, arguably the greatest album of all time, and in its own right it is a fantastic record. There would be an instant comparison from new material to the material that soundtracked the late 1980s and early 1990s, music that inspired so many younger bands and still does so today.
It would be impossible to ever live up to the two albums they have to their name, and I feel a new album and tour would almost certainly take away from the momentous occasions that were Heaton Park and, last year, Glasgow Green.


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