Album Review – Royal Blood “Royal Blood”

With 3 months left in the year, we already have a clear winner as to the best debut album of 2014. The Brighton duo have created an attacking LP that is fuelled with aggression and has made the biggest impact on record sales for a debut since Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds entered the fray. With clear influences from the likes of Black Sabbath and adopting the two-man style of The White Stripes, these two lads have managed to portray a carelessness through heavy-hitting rock without sounding utterly pathetic and eventually selling out to teenage girl American pop. (You Me At Six, My Chemical Romance…)

“Out of The Black” strikes a blow from the outset and gives a lasting impression, setting the tone for a huge record. The new single “Figure It Out” still continues the assault, but is more rhythmic. It’s a little bit like The Black Keys, but develops guitar riffs that the American band abandoned after a mere few seconds, frustratingly. This is a record that just keeps giving, and March-released “Little Monster” is nothing short of brilliant. “Better Strangers” finalises a 10-song album of 32 minutes, every one of those being absolutely intense, however. 

As much as its difficult not to compare this band to Led Zeppelin, or more recently Biffy Clyro, for example, I’ve already taken credit away from these two by doing so. Royal Blood are an already successful rock band in their own right, in fact, my previous article on the descendency  of festivals may requite a bit of editing. After attracting a huge amount of attention at Reading and Leeds this year, I fully expect the duo to be back in 2015 much higher up the billing. Its a romantic story too, in October 2013 they played to around 50 people at a free gig in Preston, 2 years ago, the band didn’t even exist. It’s a refreshing hunger of an album that is powerful and assertive, whilst being controlled rhythmically – 2014 is the set year of Royal Blood.


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