The potential decline of music festivals.

Spending a week in Zante accentuated the opinion I had that music is becoming more and more one-dimensional, the popular genre of music appears to be “deep house”, however it seems to be nothing much more than a genre that will eventually dominate the charts as RnB has recently. This refreshed something I thought about whilst Kasabian performed at Glastonbury earlier this year and after reading an article on the commercialisation of festivals such as V Festival, and my debate is; who do festival organisers go to for their next headline acts?
The boom of festivals began in the late 90s and has lasted up until now, during that time some of the biggest bands of all time have played at the main British festivals. The Stone Roses, Oasis, Blur and later, Arctic Monkeys, The Killers, Green Day, Coldplay, The Who, name a big international band and they have played at several UK festivals. So, who has the credibility to play at the same level as those bands previously mentioned? And has the lineup quality of the biggest festivals set the bar too high to reach year after year?
There is no doubt that there are plenty up and coming bands that have gained the respect to play at the biggest festivals, bands such as The Strypes are aiming to follow the footsteps of acts such as The Enemy, Two Door Cinema Club and Kaiser Chiefs, who hold strong positions down festival lineups but rarely have made an advance towards the big headline spot.
Another headline slot for Arctic Monkeys would be frankly boring next summer, and I believe festivals will struggle not to bring acts of previous years back, which would surely see the popularity of those festivals decrease. However, sales have already started for some of next years festivals which allows room for an entirely underwhelming lineup without taking the financial hit of not selling-out.

If you have an opinion on this, either agreeing or especially disagreeing, I’d love to hear it as I’m sure lots of people will believe there are bands capable of being a successful headliner next year.


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