Live Review – Dub Pistols (Kendal Calling Festival 01/08/14)

In a rare clear spell of weather on the opening day of Kendal Calling 2014, London-based dub and hip-hop band Dub Pistols played a set full of their most popular tracks including “Mucky Weekend”, “Cyclone”and a trademark cover of The Specials’ “Gangsters”.

The on-stage energy of this band is second to none and it is this energy that transfers to the crowd making their set one of the highlights of the weekend. Not only do the crowd enjoy the performance, but Barry Ashworth and co. seem to perform as if they were in the crowd themselves, the huge amount of interaction with the audience accentuates their live presence and has the crowd actively involved in the performance. This relationship is emphasised further by the significant amount of alcohol the band may or may not have consumed. “You’re meant to be more drunk than us, remember?” Ashworth reminds the crowd that being in a band means very little more than giving people a good time and having a good time themselves, and Dub Pistols have those two traits balanced perfectly.


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